Primavera workshop Terschelling 2019 – Grilo Capoeira

Workshop de Primavera

Our yearly workshop de Primavera will take place on the 23rd until the 26th of May 2019. An exclusive workshop / Primavera celebration brought to you by Grilo Capoeira. It will take place in a wonderful resort on Terschelling, one of Holland’s most beautiful islands and part of the “Wadden” island group.

A high quality capoeira workshop, in beautiful, calm and peaceful surroundings. A nice and relaxing weekend together, without time pressure.

The weekend is fully catered and all costs are included: sleeping place at resort (dorm), capoeira workshops, percussion workshops, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and alegria. If you join the ferry on Thursday with the group, the ferry ticket (there and back) is also included.

4 days € 270,-
3 days € 250,-

We need to make reservations up front. There are limited spaces available for Thursday the 23rd. If you like to participate for 4 days, please inform us as soon as possible.

Subscribe by confirming to mestre Grilo: +31653610318 or (subscribing to the fb-event only, is not enough)

Thursday 23/05
15:00 Ferry Boat departure from Harlingen
Sunday 26/05
17:30 Ferry Boat departure from Terschelling

Island info

– Bring your instruments!!!
– Bring your own bedsheets/sleeping bag and pillowsheets. (It is also possible to rent there from the resort)
– Let us know in advance if you have allergies or only eat vegetarian/vegan.

For more info see fb-event: Primavera workshop Terschelling 2019 – Grilo Capoeira

Location: Folkshegeskoalle, Badweg Hoorn 11 8896 KC Hoorn, Terschelling